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Transforming Indian Healthcare

Sundaram Medical Devices (SMD) demonstrates its pioneering dedication to providing cutting-edge expertise and superior levels of patient care at cost-effective rates through our comprehensive range of products designed for diagnosis, treatment, and recovery.

Sundaram Medical Devices (SMD) is dedicated to spearheading advancements and ensuring top-notch patient care within emerging markets, all while maintaining affordability. Our unwavering commitment to delivering state-of-the-art solutions reflects our mission to uphold the highest standards in healthcare.

Our Products


Ensuring your parents, patients, children, or other loved ones adhere to their medication regimen can be taxing. Our Support for Adherence to Treatment Protocols (STAMP) takes the worry and guess work out of the equation


NoVA - Our non-invasive vitals analyzers not only define modular capabilities with gold- standard comparable accuracy but also have novel models to manage, react and respond to patient calls.


Our Comprehensive Recovery Units bridge the gap between convenience and comfort and affordability in medical beds.

SMD Values

Why Choose Us

We make proven products with extensive, real-world testing.

Sundaram Medical Devices (SMD) is unwavering in its commitment to continuously enhance the quality of healthcare, making it accessible and affordable for the larger population. Our relentless efforts revolve around incorporating cutting-edge advancements in medical technology, ensuring that Sundaram Medical Devices (SMD) remains at the forefront of delivering superior healthcare solutions.

At Sundaram Medical Devices (SMD), upholding the utmost quality standards is our foremost priority. We meticulously adhere to stringent quality control measures throughout our manufacturing processes, ensuring that our products meet and exceed industry benchmarks. By prioritizing quality, we guarantee the safety and efficacy of our devices, providing peace of mind to both healthcare professionals and patients.

At Sundaram Medical Devices (SMD), our unwavering commitment to ethical and moral standards serves as the guiding principle in everything we do. We firmly believe in conducting our business operations with integrity, transparency, and accountability. By adhering to these high ethical standards, we strive to build trust and foster long-lasting relationships with our stakeholders, ensuring that every decision we make is in the best interest of our customers and the healthcare community.

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Ph: (+91) 444 312 9216

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